Personalisiertes System zur Patientenüberwachung in der roboterassistierten Neurorehabilitation

  • Personalized system for patient supervision in robot assisted neurorehabilitation

Hennes, Michael; Abel, Dirk (Thesis advisor); Dißelhorst-Klug, Catherine (Thesis advisor)

Aachen (2015, 2016)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, RWTH Aachen, 2015


In neurorehabilitation a high number of repetitions of activities of daily living is an essential factor for the regaining of lost movement abilities. Thus more and more robotic assistance systems are used which allow the patients to train such activities with guidance even without the presence of a physiotherapist. In this work an especially small and light system is presented, which measures and evaluates the movement of the patient quantitatively without hindering him. Inertial measurement units in combination with a minimum variance estimator are being used to measure the movement and afterwards the movement data is evaluated by fuzzy logic using physiotherapeutic expertise. This evaluation can be used by the robotic assistance system to tailor the guidance of the patient to his or her rehabilitation progress. It was shown by comparison with a motion tracking system already established in the field of movement analysis that the accuracy of the system presented here is sufficient for the usage in robotic assisted neurorehabilitation.


  • [811001-3]
  • Chair and Institute of Automatic Control [416610]