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On the way to model-based control of biohybrid implant maturation


ProcessModelling – Prozessorientiertes Reifungsmodell der biohybriden Herzklappe im Bioreaktor


Key Info

Basic Information

01.01.2019 to 31.03.2024
Biomedical Systems



Kirsten Voß

Biomedical Systems Group Manager


+49 241 80-28556




Biohybrid implants consist of a textile scaffold coated with the patient's own tissue. This combination provides mechanical stability and biocompatibility, making them highly promising in the field of artificial heart valves. Standardization of the manufacturing process is essential for the robust production of implantable biohybrid heart valves in a bioreactor. However, the individuality of each manufactured heart valve must also be considered.


Project Goals and Methods

Sponsored by the DFG

The subproject “Process Modeling” aims to create a process-oriented model of the maturation process of biohybrid heart valves in a bioreactor. In collaboration with the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering (AME) and the Institute of Molecular Cardiovascular Research (IMCAR), relevant input, output, and state variables for such a model are identified. Subsequently, the dynamic relationships between these variables are analyzed and modeled. The observability of the system plays a crucial role in capturing the biological dynamics during tissue formation. A bioreactor test bench is designed for model validation, equipped with appropriate sensors and actuators. Experiments are conducted using the test bench to investigate the validity of potential mathematical models.


Innovations and Perspectives

The mathematical model developed in this project could serve as a basis for future model-based control of the maturation process of biohybrid heart valves. Such control would predict further development and calculate the optimal control trajectory based on the current state of the maturing heart valve. This approach is expected to enable the robust production of implantable biohybrid heart valves.

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