Best Paper Award at MMME23 conference

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Within our research in multi-axis rough milling, the contribution "Model-Based Determination of Process Force in Multi-Axis Milling" under the main responsibility of our research associate Patrick Ochudlo was awarded with the Best Paper Award at the 10th International Conference on Mining, Material, and Metallurgical Engineering, called MMME 2023.

The MMME is a recognized conference for scientists in the fields of metallurgy, fibre composites, metal processing, mining and related fields. The conference provides an important contribution to the exchange of leading experts in industry and research. This year the conference took place in London from 06.08.2023 to 08.08.2023.

The committee under the direction of Dr. Marcello Iasiello from the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II awarded the Best Paper Award to the contribution of our associate Patrick Ochudlo. The paper deals with the compensation of disturbances acting on the force measurement in multi-axis milling and the rotation of the measured forces into the global machine coordinate system. Hereby, the rotation model provides the fundament for transferring active force controls from planar to multi-axis milling. This step is important to use the economic advantages of a force-based control strategy in milling also to produce more complex geometries.

The authors are very pleased about the recognition of their achievement in the course of the award and thank the committee for this decision.