Biomedical Systems

Robot arm with ball for manual guidance © Copyright: IRT

The research Biomedical Systems Group works on the improvement of technical systems for various therapies and interventions. It focuses on modeling, optimization and control of the complex, nonlinear human-machine-interaction. Depending on the application, different object oriented modeling tools are used, which allow for an intuitive description of physiological and anatomical systems.

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Teaser: Energy Systems

wind turbine © Copyright: RWTH

Drive Systems

The Drive Systems group conducts research on novel control methods for the broad application area of drive systems. Research focuses on the control and testing of wind turbines, as well as the control of novel combustion processes.

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Solar thermal power plant of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) © Copyright: DLR

Hydrogen Technologies

The Hydrogen Technologies group conducts research on novel control engineering methods for hydrogen-based energy systems. Research focuses on the control of fuel cells and solar thermal power plants for electricity or hydrogen production.

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Industrial Systems

model factory © Copyright: IRT

The Industrial Systems Group is researching in various topics of automatization of industrial systems in order to increase the performance as well as the effectiveness of these systems. The main focus is modelling and control, especially with the objective to apply theoretical control approaches on industrial applications.

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Production Systems

The Production Systems Group is researching various topics of automation in the context of different production and manufacturing processes. Future production plants will be characterized by a high degree of reproducibility, flexibility and interconnectivity.

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Teaser: Mobility and Navigation

c2c networked mobility © Copyright: IRT


The Mobility Group deals with contol problems relevant for road traffic. In this context, both the control of individual vehicle components and the interaction of different road user are considered.

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Two mobile development platforms, called Buggieys, designed at the IRT © Copyright: IRT


Autonomous systems are a key issue in the future of global mobility. With the latest assistance systems, innovations in sensor technology and environment recognition as well as the ongoing digital networking in everyday life, the vision of autonomously acting systems appears to be feasible.

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Books on a shelf © Copyright: IRT

Here you find a list of our publications.

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Research Projects

An overview about our research projects can be found here.

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OpenSource at the IRT

The balancing robot EduBal developed at the Institute of Automatic Control © Copyright: IRT

The Institute of Automatic Control supports the scientific staff in making content from their research available to the general public in open-source publications.

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Industrial Cooperation

We consider ourselves as a mediator between theory and the multifaceted scope of applications in the field of automatic control. Feel free to contact us! We offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities in the field of automation and control technology. We see ourselves as a mediator between theory and practice,

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