Master Course Automation Engineering


Welcome to the website of the master course Automation Engineering – a highly interdisciplinary course of study at RWTH Aachen University. The course is offered by three faculties at the same time and thus holds a unique opposition at RWTH Aachen. Notice, that this master course is given in German!


What do you do with Automation Engineering?

The task of Automation Engineering is to ensure, that a given technical system or process can be run without intervention of humans. This can be an autopilot of a plane or car, the sensitivity of a robot, or the automatized emergency shutdown of a process plant. To automatize the system, it is necessary to perform the following four tasks for an automation engineer:



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  • Modeling: How can I model the given process?
  • Control: How can I control process, such that given requirements are fulfilled?
  • Monitoring: How can I operate and monitor the process?
  • Embedding: How can I program microcontroller, such that they can perform these tasks?

These questions are in terms of their generality independent from application. Thus, automation engineering can be interdisciplinary applied to several branches of industry, and working as an automation engineer is diverse and multifaceted.

This master course teaches you in German, how to answer the four questions mentioned above.


Key Info

Basic Information

Master of Science
Start of Studies:
Winter Semester, Summer Semester
Standard Period of Studies:
4 semesters
ECTS Credits:
120Mehr Informationen

What does that mean?

ECTS are credit points that measure the workload of one's studies.


Admission Requirements

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations Mehr Informationen

    What does that mean?

    A first recognized university degree, through which the necessary education background for the Master course of study can be proven. The necessary knowledge needed in order for studies to be successful is determined in the respective exam regulations (PO).

  • Proficiency in German --- Mehr Informationen ---

    What does that mean?

    You must provide documentation of your language skills for the language of instruction at the time of enrollment. The exam regulations stipulate the relevant requirements.

Admission to First Semester


Admission to Higher Semesters


Dates and Deadlines


How is the Structure of the Study Course?

The master course is divided in six parts and has a standard period of studies of four semesters:

  • Harmonisierungsbereich with 10 to 17 credit points:
    Depends on your Bachelor orientation and aligns you with the other students.
  • Pflichtbereich with 24 credit points:
    This compulsory part contains the core subjects of the master course.
  • Methodological oriented specialization with at least 12 credit points

  • Second methodological or application-oriented specialization with at least 12 credit points

  • Abrundungsbereich with 4 credit points:
    elective course with nontechnical subjects
  • Masterarbeit with 30 credit points:
    the master thesis, which can be written at three different faculties – a unique feature at RWTH.

The distribution of the credit points depends on the passed Bachelor.

After a succesfull study in this master course, RWTH Aachen awards you a Master of Science RWTH Aachen University.


How to Receive More Information?

All students, which already study Automation Engineering, can find further information in the section Im Studium. This information is only available in German, as the master course is given in German.

All students, which are interested in studying Automation Engineering, can find further information in the section Studieninteressierte. This information is only available in German, as the master course is given in German.