Consultation Hour MATLAB


In cooperation with the company "MathWorks" a weekly MATLAB Support Meeting is offered at the institute of automatic control. You are welcome to ask your questions and search together with the scholarship holders of Mathworks for a solution to your specific problem.

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The diverse world of MATLAB/Simulink with its numerous toolboxes is offering an extent of opportunities, which cannot be explored at first glance.

We would like to help you looking a bit deeper into MATLAB to share our fascination for MATLAB/Simulink with you.


Target Group

The consultation hour should be the first contact point for all students and staff of the RWTH who use MATLAB/Simulink for a paper, a thesis, within a HiWi-job or for other projects. Gladly, we help you solve your problems.

In addition, all participants of the Meeting Point MATLAB are also invited to ask their questions and give suggestions to the tasks and topics of the Meeting Point MATLAB.


Our Services

  • Simply contact us by email at and describe your request. If the issue is more complex, we'll set up a one-on-one Zoom video call to investigate the issue in depth.

If you are unable to attend the support meetings, we are also offering an individual support:

  • You can write an email with a detailed description of your problem to .
  • After prior consultation we are glad to help by skype or teamviewer if neccessarry.
  • If a personal discussion should be needed, send us an email to arrange a meeting.
  • You can find exciting posts and important news in our facebook group MATLAB@RWTH.


External Services

In addition to the topics of the Meeting Point MATLAB "The MathWorks" offers a lot opportunities to get in touch with MATLAB/Simulink and learn about its numerous applications.

  • Online-Support
    Beside the extensive documentation, MathWorks' online support provides many tutorials from all over MATLAB's and Simulink's toolboxes and applications.
  • MATLAB Academy
    The Matlab Academy offers a basic course for MATLAB. Launch the free Onramp course and learn more about MATLAB in hands-on practice sessions and demonstrations.

    Exploring one of the other courses, you can gain knowledge and abilities interactively using MATLAB in your web browser.
  • YouTube channel MATLAB
    MATLAB’s YouTube-Channel provides lots of tutorials showing tips and tricks for MATLAB/Simulink. The videos are especially helpful if you start working with a new toolbox or if you are completely new in the world of MATLAB/Simulink.