Simulation Methods in Engineering I


Simulation Methods in Engineering I is designed as a lecture series of various chairs in the second semester of the degree program Computational Engineering Science, called CES, which requires confirmation of course attendance.


Information on RWTHmoodle Course Rooms

Registration for the RWTHmoodle course rooms is usually performed by the students themselves, starting from the lecture site in the RWTHonline system. If you have trouble registering or you need a late registration, please contact your respective advisor.



Xu Chen


+49 241 80-27486




The lectures of the IRT deal with the simulation software tool MATLAB/Simulink, which is introduced based on examples and implemented right away. In order to pass the class, the participation in a project within the lecture is required.


  • Modeling of dynamic systems
  • Introduction to MATLAB/Simulink
  • Model generation with Simulink
  • Working with simulation models
  • Introduction to control systems
  • Controller design
  • System performance

The practice sheets of the individual events can be found in the L2P course room.

After the last two dates, successful participation will be verified by successfully solving two tasks in the moodle study room.


Lecture and exercise

Date and place of the lecture and exercise can be found on RWTHonline .