Matlab in Control Applications


In control engineering practice, the Matlab/Simulink software is often used to solve problems. This module was designed to give students an understanding of this tool.



Lorenz Dörschel

Part-time Lecturer


+49 241 80-27539




The module presents the practical implementation of control engineering methods and procedures to the students, so that they get to know practice-relevant aspects of the transfer of theory into the real world.

The course is divided into lectures and laboratory exercises. The lecture initially provides the necessary basics. Students can then test this knowledge in a laboratory. The focus is on the Matlab/Simulink software used in day-to-day control engineering. This module does not focus on the teaching of further control engineering methods, but on the related topics required for successful technical implementation.


  • Classical control engineering
  • System identification
  • Signal processing and state estimation
  • Trajectory generation and process management
  • Controller implementation on real-time target

Lectures and exercises will be uploaded in the RWTHmoodle learning room.



The module can be completed with passed/failed. This results from the laboratory exercise and the presentation of the results.