Specific scientific topics and certain content of current research can be made available to the general public via open source publications.

  Balancing robot EduBal developed at the IRT Copyright: © IRT

This allows all interested parties to gain a more in-depth insight into the practical implementation of individual applications and methods. Furthermore, the publication of code and data simplifies the reproducibility of results from current research.

Open source lives from third parties who transfer the existing applications to their problems and develop them further. The publications' contact persons are happy to receive contributions, suggestions, feedback, or questions about their projects.

The picture shows the balancing robot EduBal developed at the Institute of Automatic Control.

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FLIRT Filter Library - Institut für RegelungsTechnik FLIRT is a filter library for tracking an object's 6D pose using a 3D model and a depth camera. The tracker is based on a particle filter and supports GPU acceleration via OpenGL for up to 90Hz on a laptop GPU. Tim Redick
EduBal Educational Balancing Robot

This repository contains all necessary files to build EduBal, an open-source balancing robot developed by the Institute of Automatic Control. The robot is designed to be low-cost, safe and easy to use for teaching control and system theory to students. Using Simulink, students can quickly implement their own control algorithms on the robot. Individual control parameters can be tuned online while analyzing the resulting behavior in live signal plots.

Andreas Klein

Markus Zimmer