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General information to registration procedures at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Registration for courses (amongst others lecture, exercise, tutorials) and examinations for Bachelor and Master students is generally conducted through modular registration procedures in RWTHonline.


Registration for courses

The modular registration procedures for courses (lecture, exercise etc.) are open for registration from the beginning of the semester, i.e. from April 1st in summer semester and October 1st in winter semester. Registration ends at the end of the semester.

In cases of participant-limited modules resp. modules with special didactic forms (amongst others laboratories, internships), registration dates may be earlier or module-specific. Please pay attention to information of chairs and institutes involved.

Please keep confirmation emails of the RWTHonline in electronic form. These are necessary as evidence in case of problems with the registration procedures


Registration for examinations

The registration for examinations takes place via RWTHonline, depending on the study program. In the winter semester 2018/19 the general examination registration once takes place from 03.12.2018 - 10.01.2019. The following registration resp. de-registration deadlines generally apply to exam registrations through modular registration procedures:

Summer semester Winter semester
Registration dates Apr 1st - penultimate Friday in May Oct 1st - penultimate Friday in November
De-registration dates (orientation de-registration) Apr 1st - penultimate Friday in May Oct 1st - last Friday in November

Furthermore, for individual modules deadlines other than the regular ones might apply.

Please keep confirmation emails of the RWTHonline in electronic form. These are necessary as evidence in case of problems with the registration procedures.


FAQs Registration Procedures

How can I register for an L2P course room?

Students wanting to access learning material in L2P course rooms generally register for the lecture resp. the exercise through the registration procedure. With successful allocation, access to the L2P course room is activated. Modular registration procedures for lectures are labeled “Anmeldung zur Vorlesung|Übung <Title of module>“.

Is the registration for a course an automatic registration for an exam?

Registration for a lecture is not an automatic registration for an exam. In case you want to take the corresponding exam, registration through the modular registration procedure for the exam is obligatory.

Exceptions are internships or laboratories in which no written or oral exams are taken

When and where can I see my exam registrations?

Registrations can be found in the RWTHonline immediately after your registration under "Registration for exams" and there under "My exam dates".

Registration for a course or exam does not work. What can I do?

In case of problems during registration through modular registration procedures, please contact


When notifying problems, please always include the following information, since otherwise it is not possible to process your request:

  • Full name,
  • Matriculation number,
  • Name of registration procedure,
  • Degree program as well as occupational field/field of specialization,
  • Short description of problem, exact citation of error message, if applicable screen shot

I missed a registration deadline. Is a late registration possible?

Registration for an exam after the registration deadline is usually not possible.

In case you missed the deadlines, please immediately contact the appropriate examination board in form of a student application.

A late registration requires approval of the examination board, which is why the submission of an application must occur immediatelly under specification of convincing documented reasons.