Recognition of Foreign Exam Results


Under the precondition that the contents are of same value, exam result received for courses not taken at RWTH Aachen can be recognized as equivalent to “Regelungstechnik”.


The following information refers exclusively to the course „Regelungstechnik“. In general, an application must always be made to the faculty, according to the information provided by the faculty.


Recognition Process

1. Required Course Content: Tips for choosing courses - All topics that are marked red need to be fully covered.
2. Necessary Forms for the Institute of Automatic Control: Basic information - German version (doc)
Basic information - Attachment - German version (doc) - Needed for any additional course if recognition of a combination of courses is requested.
3. Application to the Faculty: Curriculum Changes - Must be applied before staying abroad.
Procedure of Recognition – Must be applied after staying abroad.
4. After completion of the course:

Course content
Please complete based on your course materials such as lecture notes or others. Please do not bring books except for books from the lecturer.

5. Please transfer the completed forms and your course materials – if possible in electronic form – to our contact person.


Photo of Rinat Prezdnyakov © Copyright: IRT


+49 241 80 27488



After your documents have been reviewed, you will be informed about the result. This result will serve as a recommendation for or against the recognition by professor Dirk Abel.

The final decision about your request will be taken by professor Dirk Abel in a personal interview.

For the recognition interview, please bring the completed form supplied by the faculty.

Additional Information

The Institute of Automatic Control only assesses the equivalence of your course’s contents. For questions regarding the number of credit points, please be advised by your student advisor or the faculty, as we do not have influence on formal issues. The recognition of modules assigned as additional admission requirements is not possible.



Can I get a binding assertion in advance that confirms that my foreign course will be accepted?

It is in general not possible to provide a binding confirmation about the recognition of a course.

In particular, this also leads to the situation that you cannot change your study plan in advance of your stay abroad.

The course that I am planning to attend does not cover all topics marked red or only a few marked yellow. Is it still possible to get it recognized?

You have the possibility to catch up on topics that have not been covered by performing additional work at the foreign institution. This can for example be in the form of a corrected project work or an additional test taken with your lecturer. In any case, it is necessary that you receive a written acknowledgement about the additional work.

As an alternative, you can of course also take an additional course to cover up for the missing topics.

It is not possible to get an examination of the missing topics by IRT. Therefore, you are strongly urged to make sure that you have all topics covered before your return. If in doubt, check back with the contact person at IRT.