Rapid Control Prototyping


In the last decades the design process of automatic control has strongly been connected with the use of new software technologies. The focus of this course lies in teaching this process starting with systems analysis and modeling through hardware implementation and finally leading to a usable digital controller. In an associated laboratory course this methodology is applied in practice by the students using established tools like the Matlab/Simulink software suite.


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"Rapid Control Prototyping" is a course that originally evolved from the earlier course "Rechnergestützte Automatisierungstechnik" and was first held during the Fall Semester 2013/2014.
It is directed at students from the following faculties:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering Science


The course contents are the following:

  • Description of Dynamical Systems:
    System Concept, Linear Control Loop Elements, Laplace Transform, Control Theory Basics
  • Systems Modelling:
    Discrete and continuous case, Physical Systems Modelling, Empirical Systems Modelling
  • System Identification:
    Fast Fourier Transform, Sampling theorem, Parameter estimation, Interpretation of estimated parameters, Model order reduction, Neural networks for nonlinear systems
  • Basics of Open- and Closed-Loop Control design:
    Control Structure, PID Controller, Model Predictive Control, Stability Analysis
  • Simulation:
    Digital simulation, Numerical integration of differential equations, Simulation tools, Simulation of discrete state systems
  • Toolchain leading until adoption to hardware
    Software-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop, Code generation, RCP Systems



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Course registration

As space in the laboratory course is limited and in order to facilitate prior planning the students are asked to register for the course.

The registration can be carried out online in RWTHmoodle on the course page.

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