Tutorial Control Engineering

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The “Tutorial Control Engineering" - “Treffpunkt Regelungstechnik",  was established in the summer semester of 2007 as an additional course to the fundamental lecture “Control Engineering”. During lecture period, the contents of the fundamental lecture are repeated in this tutorial, with a focus on the application through exercises and former examination problems. During lecture-free time, a seminar for students in their third examination attempt - “Zweitwiederholerseminar Regelungstechnik” is additionally offered. The Tutorial Control Engineering is offered in both winter and summer semester.


Information on RWTHmoodle Course Rooms

Registration for RWTHmoodle course rooms is usually performed by the students themselves, starting from the lecture site in the RWTHonline system. If you have trouble registering or you need a late registration, please contact your respective advisor.


Tutorial during the semester

The tutorial provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the fundamental lecture.

At the beginning of the tutorial questions from former exams are discussed. Afterwards you try to solve exercises and problems from former exams by yourself. Research and student assistants support you by answering your questions. Finally, the solution to each exercise is presented.



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Seminar for students in their third examination attempt

The seminar provides an intensive course for exam preparation at three dates, three hours each, especially and exclusively designed for students in their third and last examination attempt. Different exercises are solved in small groups and occurring questions are discussed in detail.

If you would like to attend the seminar, please contact the corresponding advisor via E-Mail. The required information are your name, student ID number, study subject and degree envisaged.



A schedule of the tutorial can be found in the RWTHmoodle course room “Treffpunkt Regelungstechnik”.

The material of the tutorial can be found in the RWTHmoodle course room “Treffpunkt Regelungstechnik”. You will find slides on the theory, as well as the questions and exercises from former exams including the solutions.


Notice: Due to the current situation, we adapted the format of the Tutorial Control Engineering for the winter term 20/21. More detailed information can be found in the RWTHmoodle course room.



Rudolf Popp

Hydrogen Technologies Group Manager


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The Tutorial Control Engineering is financed through means for quality improvement.

The contact person for using this means in our institute is Dr.-Ing. Frank-Josef Heßeler

On the homepage of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering you can find more information on use of the means for quality improvement.