Industrial Systems

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The Industrial Systems group is researching in various topics of automatization of industrial systems in order to increase the performance as well as the effectiveness of these systems. The main focus is modelling and control, especially with the objective to apply theoretical control approaches on industrial applications.



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Due to the various topics different challenges result:

  • Most technical systems are complex, non-linear or in certain circumstances the systems are distributed parameter systems.
  • The systems can only be modelled with the aid of multidisciplinary approaches, for example with the aid of fluid mechanics, electro mechanics. Due to the complexity of the models a model reduction is necessary to describe the system behavior with a simplified model in order to apply the model explicitly for the controller.
  • Certain systems are periodically, whereby cycle-influences occur.
  • Relevant process values are often not measureable, because either a suitable sensor is not available or too expensive.
  • Technical limitations or process constraints must be explicitly taken into account for the controlling task.
  • Higher and sometimes conflicting objectives, for example quality, processing time, energy consumption, should be controlled in order to increase the level of automation of industrial systems.
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In order to face these challenges the Industrial Systems group researches, in cooperation with interdisciplinary partners from industry and research, on control solutions, which extend well beyond ordinary solutions. Amongst others, these include:

  • Model-based optimization approaches for complex systems.
  • The Application of real-time model-based predictive control, iterative learning control and adaptive control.
  • Combination of model-based predictive controller and iterative learning controller for periodic systems.
  • Identification methods for hard to identify subsystems and processes, for example with neural networks or support vector machines.
  • Controller design for distributed parameter systems.
  • Development of reduced white-box and grey-box models.
  • Development of virtual sensors in order to estimate not measurable process values.
  • Rapid control prototyping and implementation of control strategies on industrial control systems.
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The following issues are currently being researched:

  • Process control of manufacturing and productions systems
  • Automatization of setting-up processes of production systems
  • Control of climate equipment and process plants
  • Control of mechatronic off-shore systems
  • Active drag reduction in air flows
  • Active control of building structures