Automation 2018: presentation of the atp award

  Mike Barth, Sonja Husmann and Dirk Abel when the document is handed over Copyright: atp Mike Barth, Sonja Husmann, Dirk Abel

As part of the kick-off event of the VDI Congress "Automation 2018" the editor-in-chief professor Mike Barth presented the award to the main author Sonja Husmann and professor Dirk Abel on behalf of the entire team of authors from the RWTH Aachen.

The article presents an intuitive method to resolve the redundancy of a seven degree of freedom robot. The application is the rehabilitation of stroke patients, who repeatedly perform a certain movement using the robot to learn this movement again.


The possibility to optimize the robot’s configuration through its additional seventh degree of freedom can be especially useful in applications with direct human-robot interaction. In neurorehabilitation, for example, the robot should keep a certain distance between its own body and the patient in order to minimize restrictions of the patient’s movements. In order to resolve the redundancy, an additional virtual marker is defined on the lightweight robot, via whose position the robot can be drawn into a specific direction. Various application-oriented variants of the positioning of this virtual marker are presented and compared with each other.


Note of Thanks to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

This paper was supported by Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Project: ”Individualisierte Rehabilitationstherapie durch selbstanpassende Robotische Assistenz” (13GW0122F) as part of the funding program ”Individualisierte Medizintechnik”.


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