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Source Author(s)
[Journal Article]
Nonlinear model predictive control of a discrete-cycle gasoline-controlled auto ignition engine model: Simulative analysis
In: International Journal of Engine Research, 2019
[DOI: 10.1177/1468087418824915]
Nuss, Eugen
Wick, Maximilian
Andert, Jakob Lukas
De Schutter, Jochem
Diehl, Moritz
Abel, Dirk
Albin, Thivaharan
[Journal Article]
In-cycle control for stabilization of homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion using direct water injection
In: Applied energy, 240, 1061-1074, 2019
[DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2019.01.086]
Wick, Maximilian
Bedei, Julian
Gordon, David
Wouters, Christian
Lehrheuer, Bastian Ralph
Nuss, Eugen
Andert, Jakob Lukas
Koch, Charles Robert
[Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]
Reduced Order Modeling for Multi-scale Control of Low Temperature Combustion Engines
In: Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018 : Papers Contributed to the Conference “Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018”, September 19-21, 2018, Berlin, Germany / edited by Rudibert King, 167-181, 2018
[DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-98177-2_11]
Nuss, Eugen
Ritter, Dennis
Wick, Maximilian
Andert, Jakob Lukas
Abel, Dirk
Albin, Thivaharan